Why Shop at Laguna Artisans?

Why shop at Laguna Artisans? When you buy something handmade, you are saying,

"I support the quality product of individual artisan's, rather than the lower prices of sweat shop labor".

Also, for the human rights and ecological aspects. Buy handmade and you support a true artist. You can be sure that human rights are respected in the making of the product. Handmade items are for many reasons often more ecological than mass produced: individual artists are superb recyclers, and of course handmade in most cases outlasts mass produced. When you buy handmade you are buying more than a product. You're supporting an artist who has put care, creativity and love into the product. You're supporting their vision.
When you buy from Laguna Artisans, you become part of the Southern California community, even if you are not from this state, or better yet, country!
By the way, here's a FREE shipping code on all orders over $50! "50SHIPFREE"

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