I'm a big fan of simple. Some beach time, a day trip with my faves, cut offs and a tee shirt - simple is my style. I've always worn my hair up in a knot, a topknot, before it had a name. Whether  I'm running around with my kiddos or am out to dinner with my mister, a knot of hair has always worked for me.

When I finally decided that big plastic bun pins, chopsticks, and the occasional pencil weren't cutting it, I decided to take matters into my own hands - literally. I handmade a bun pin. It was pretty simple, and easy to use, a more pulled together knot of hair. I decided these must be shared.

I love hand making each pin and sending it to a new home. Tinkering at my workbench is my happy place. I'm a maker - I make things. I've made lots of things over the years but I've never had the opportunity to share my makes until now. It's a feeling I can only describe as *simply* the best.

~ Chelsea, of CA Makes


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