Cali Vibes Candle Company

It all started with a date night in December 2016 when couple, Anthony and Mariah, had the idea to cut wine bottles and plant succulents in them. They then started participating at local farmers markets to sell their wine bottle terrariums. While at a market, one of their customers asked if they ever thought of making candles in the wine bottles. This sparked a curiosity of candle making among them both. They wasted no time researching the proper way to make a candle. Once they felt confident in the process, they bought the materials and got to work. After countless attempts, their first wine bottle candles were made. The candles were then sold at markets and the response was amazing! As the business grew, so did their passion for candle making. It was then that they realized candles were going to be the main focus of their business. In January 2018, Anthony and Mariah decided to launch the Cali Vibes Candle Company. The name was a combination of their love for California and their good vibes only motto. Anthony and Mariah take great pride in making sure each and every Cali Vibes Candle sparks that same love, passion and good vibes spirit that they share for California.