Que es el duende? Duende is a Spanish word most often used by flamenco dancers or artists to describe a feeling for which we lack a word in the English language. El duende is like the spark that moves you to your core when you view a beautiful dance, song, or artistic performance. Or it is like the invisible wind that sends chills up your spine when you are nearly moved to tears by some unknowable force inside of you. It's what makes you laugh, or cry. In Spain, when a flamenco dancer is said to possess "el duende," you know that they have a gift that is to be truly treasured. We all have a bit of Duende inside us, and my desire is that my creations illuminate that spark in you even more.

I use recycled jewelry to make my pieces, as well as unique, global beads, gemstones, precious metals and minerals, as well as found objects.

My aim is to create pieces that ignite the spark of wonder and the desire to wander in you.


Products by Duende Creations: