Hempleberry’s aims to educate the masses about the benefits of hemp by offering unique, handmade hemp-based products that support our plant’s versatility.

Nick Appleberry began stitching automotive interiors in 2008 while also learning custom paint techniques and autobody repair. Before that, he professionally built custom drums. He has also built longboards complete with custom wood-burning and paint designs. Photography is another one of his creative outlets. Nick has been a touring drummer, helping book a 5 month tour. Point is:  Nick is a hands-on kind of guy and is graced with a strong sense of business as well as an optimistic can-do attitude.

There is nothing more important to Nick than the power of the hemp plant. Hemp is not weed and has been misunderstood since the 1930’s when propaganda misled people into overlooking its uses and beneficial aspects. In a nutshell, it was big oil and William Randolph Hearst that obfuscated public understanding of this amazing plant and its clear virtues. In other words, hemp didn't make enough money to interest big business. When given a chance, however, hemp can provide low-impact and low-cost products and services: Clothing, Paper, Food, Fuel, Shelter, Transportation, Tools, Sustainable Energy, and a more Sustainable Future. Finally, today, humans are examining hemp in much more detail and are noticing the immediate uses in our contemporary world. Truth is, anything you can do with petroleum, you can also do by growing hemp from the Earth. Hempleberry’s is but a cell within this organism and is helping push forward the hemp movement in the world's most powerful country.


Products by Hempleberry's: