Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats
We have traveled the world to evoke inspiration beyond trend.
Founder and Designer Sophie Leininger grew up in California and Hawaii mesmerized by the hula, roaming golden hills, and talking to the moon at night. She still does this.
Sophie now wanders the globe collecting stories and carpets to paint and weave into your daily yoga practice. Her hand-painted designs range from palatial Persian carpets to hand-woven tent coverings. Each has their own story and stems from an unconditional love for the carpet craft, from the madder and indigo dye vats to the geometric weave.
Since ancient times, carpets have created sacred space for beautiful daily living. Magic Carpet Yoga Mats repurpose this intention, offering yogis a gorgeously hand-made talisman to enhance their practice.
Made in California with sustainable printing technologies, each mat is tested latex, phthalate, lead free, and child safe. Not only beautiful, they are proven durable to suit years of dedicated practice.
Our mats are for the yogi who makes the sun rise with a salutation, the yoga mama who escapes the chaos to search inner bliss, and the bohemian soul seeking to elevate their prana to a new plane.
Wherever you are in the world, whatever calls your spirit to delight in bliss, ENJOY THE RIDE.