I love beauty. I love finding beautiful stones, gems, metals and fabrics and putting them together to create something special. I look at the process of jewelry design as a puzzle - I enjoy putting the pieces together, and my favorite part is when I get to meet the person who will wear and enjoy the design. That, for me, is the last piece of the puzzle. I'd like to think that I'm helping to design a world with a little more beauty in it.

Putting on your favorite Meredith Ryan necklace, continuing with your wanderlust life - this is exactly what I strive to enable you to do. 

The ease of feeling put together and confident at any time of the day.

The movement and laid-back boho glam of each piece will no doubt bring out your Southern California vibe.

I use many materials to build my designs, including amulets from Thailand and semi-precious beads and stones. The metals that are included in my work are Sterling Silver, 14k Gold and Brass.




Products by Meredith Ryan Handcrafted Jewelry: