The Pointe Behind the Studio

Pointe Studio is an athletic brand rooted in the fashion industry. Gone are the days of boring, safe clothes with zero personality. Workout gear has become more than just clothes to workout in; it's a lifestyle. Don't be afraid to show off your individuality - It's time to pay attention to your accessories.

Proving Our Pointe

The Pointe Studio team is made up of barre instructors, spin teachers, personal trainers and some designers in the mix. We live and breathe your world of fitness, and know that fashion is just as important as function. We're dedicated to keeping you in tip-top shape, and making sure you look great while doing it!

More Than Meets the Eye

Our Pointe Studio socks pack a serious punch in performance as well as in design. Combining comfort and support, they will make sure that you look great without sacrificing style. Athletic performance features include:  padded ankle rest, compression arch support, silicone grips, and a padded foot bed. That's a lot of oomph in a little sock! 


Products by Pointe Studio: