Sea Candy Jewelry

Sea Candy specializes in making sea glass jewelry. All of our jewelry is handmade and beach inspired. Our sea glass comes straight from the shores of Laguna Beach, CA. We do NOT use a rock tumbler, therefore each piece of sea glass is completely natural. Every jewelry piece has its own unique piece of sea glass. Thus, none of our jewelry pieces are exactly identical! Sea Candy is perfect for beach gals and is an excellent summer accessory!


What is Sea Glass?

Naturally produced sea glass ("genuine sea glass") originates as pieces of glass from broken bottles, broken tableware, or even from shipwrecks, which are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years until all of the edges are rounded off and the slickness of the glass has been worn to a frosted appearance. All of the sea glass we use is genuine, not manmade!

Where do you find Sea Glass?

Sea glass is found along the shores of beaches. We find all of our sea glass in Laguna Beach, CA!

How old is Sea Glass?

The majority of sea glass pieces that we use for our jewelry are between 25 and 50 years old! However, some pieces can be as old as 150 years!

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