About Us

Laguna Artisans celebrates the independent artisans, craftspeople, and designers from Laguna Beach, California and its surrounding areas. Our mission is to deliver original and handmade creations from Southern California straight to you, wherever you may be.  
We started as a little shop in downtown Laguna Beach, selling handmade and artisan-quality goods by local makers. The idea behind our shop was simple:  an appreciation of the stories behind the items we wear, the food we eat, the gifts we give, and the things we surround ourselves with. The stories behind our artisan goods are what made our shop, and now our online Artisans Collective, special. We bring you products made by independent makers, let you in on their creative process, and introduce you to the unique stories that drive each artist's work.
In addition to championing the little guy, we aim to show off a part of the planet we love. Even if you never get a chance to visit us in Laguna Beach, we can at least offer to bring a little of our coastal cool to you. We're an oceanside community, known for the beauty of our beaches and our celebration of surf culture and the creative life. What better way to bring it all to you than to directly connect you to the local makers themselves? See the world through their eyes, ride their waves, and get or give a piece of coastal California's good life. 
- Your Friends at  www.LagunaArtisans.com