Chocolate & Rose Soap Bar

The beauty that smells good enough to have you craving chocolates for days! 

Healing Benefits: Packed with Antioxidants, Helps Repair Skin Cells, Anti-Inflamatory, Soothes Irritation, Helps Sensitive Skin, Filters UV Rays, Absorbs Impurities, Anti-Aging, Pore Reduction, Puffiness

Full slice approximately 4.1 oz 
{please note each bar may slightly vary.}

Scent: Rose Fragrance Oil & Chocolate Fragrance Oil 

Natural Ingredients: 
- Glycerin
- Organic Shea Butter
- Exotic Oil
- Vitamin E
- Grapefruit Seed Extract 
- Herbal Extract

Bee Dolce

Chocolate & Rose Soap Bar

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