Earthy & Fruity Bath Bomb Collection
Earthy & Fruity Bath Bomb Collection
Earthy & Fruity Bath Bomb Collection

4 Bath Bombs
3.2 oz Medium Bath Bombs 
Chamomile & Neroli, Watermelon Infusion, Twilight Woods, and Lemon

Chamomile & Neroli:
Take away your daily stress with Bee Dolce's Chamomile & Neroli Bath Bomb. It is a unique blend of oils, essential oils, and botanicals with a dash of water softening science all packed into a neat little ball.

Chamomile has a list of benefits for your health:

-Dry skin (Psoriasis & Eczema too!)
-Calms upset stomachs
-Helps with sleep
-Reduces swelling
-Relieves menstrual symptoms

Neroli also has a large list of skin benefits:

-Rejuvenates your skin
-Treats stress, depression and anxiety
-Manage pain and inflammation

Watermelon Infusion:
Pamper yourself with Bee Dolce's fruity Watermelon Infusion bath bomb. Coconut oil and other beneficial oils are mixed to moisturize and hydrate leaving your skin silky smooth. Any one who loves the summer & the yummy fruits it brings us will love how your bathtub looks & smells with this Watermelon Infusion bath bomb!

Twilight Woods:
Bee Dolce's Twilight Woods Bath bomb is truly a must have for a delightful bath time experience.  Made with beneficial oils, clays, salts, and botanicals that leave your skin silky smooth and luxuriously moisturized, can you say skin therapy?

Bee Dolce's lemon bath bomb is a great way to treat acne and reduce both the size of pores and excess oil on the skin. The essential oil is also a great wrinkle fighter. 

Natural Ingredients: 
baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, kaolin clay, coconut oil, olive oil, natural fragrance oils, essential oils, mineral colorants, H2O, coconut oil, palm oil

Bee Dolce

Earthy & Fruity Bath Bomb Collection

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